Research shows that French young people began to replace the conventional cigarettes with E-Cigarette
admin 2015-08-07

According to the French study shows that with the popularity of electronic cigarettes, traditional cigarette consumption market has started to shrink. More and more people believe that electronic cigarettes conform to the trend of time to replace the conventional cigarettes has been gradually forming.

As per France Figaro News reported that Bertrand Dautzenberg professor, the director of France Smoking Ban office, launched a long-term study result which reflects a surprising phenomenon—In two years, more and more French young people replace the conventional cigarettes with electronic cigarettes. It is known that the study in Paris high school and college students each year among about thirteen thousand. According to the survey, more than 90% of the trditional smokers and 23% of non-smokers tried smoking electronic cigarettes. In recent four years, the Paris high school students smoke electronic cigarettes rose from 0 to 14.1%. In 2014, there was about 33.5% smokers among French young people, but a third of them are now only smoke electronic cigarettes.

Bertrand Dautzenberg professor pointed out that the use of electronic cigarettes is soaring, which is associated with sharp decline in the number of young traditional smokers. Within three years from 2011 to 2014, the ratio of 12-15 years old teenagers smoking traditional cigarettes has halved, which decreased from 20% to 11.2%. For middle school students group (16-19), the ratio is also greatly reduced, which decreased from 42.9% to 33.5%.

From 2011 to 2011, the traditional tobacco tax revenue has risen by 1.2 euro. At the same time, the price of traditional cigarette rose by 20 points in last January, make its breakthrough 7 euro price line. Therefore, expensive traditional cigarettes maybe is one of the reasons for French smokers turned to electronic cigarettes. Bertrand Dautzenberg professors believe that electronic cigarettes will help continuously reduce the proportion of smokers among young people: "the emergence of electronic cigarettes makes conventional cigarettes obsolete. More and more people regard traditional cigarettes as a kind of old product which send out a thick smell, and a health hazard, and the price is not affordable, but electronic cigarettes with more characteristics of the times

However, for electronic cigarettes can completely replace the conventional cigarettes, people cannot make absolute judgment, but the trend of the future has formed. Bertrand Dautzenberg professor said: "the traditional cigarette sales fell 9% this year, although at present only a third of them smoke electronic cigarettes, but the trend of the future is clear."

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