The New Zealand Government has been urged to consider allowing sales of e cigarettes
admin 2015-07-16

New Zealand Government practicing strict prohibit e cigarette policy, Ministry of Health NZ stipulate Nicotine can’t be sale except as a registered medicine according to the requirement of Pharmaceuticals Act.
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None nicotine e cigarettes are allowed to use in New Zealand, but it is illegal to sale. And forbid to sale cigarette-alike products or other tobacco device to less 18 crew. Retailer sells electronic cigarettes is illegal whether it contain nicotine or not.

However, the Smoking ban is not forbid people using e cigs, and people smoke e cigs in bar or other working place, but smoke e cigs is prohibit in some corporations including airline.

Since May 24th in 2014 the New Zealand government declared rising of the tobacco tax by 40% over the next four years, the tobacco tax is over 75% by far and smoking is the most expensive country in the world now. A pack of cigarettes is around 95 RMB in 2016. A retailer said the rising price is no effect to some smokers, but other smokers are looking for some better choices, some people start to quit smoking, or smoke less, more and more smokers turn to e cigarettes.

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According to the recent data of Ministry of Health NZ there is 626,000 people smoking, 40% of the adults are smokers, the data of e cig users is not collect; however, the HPB (Health Promotion Board) has a investigation, it shows teenagers using e cigs almost tripled in last two years, last year reach up to 20%.

In March 2015, an article on the Pharmaceutical Periodicals shows e cigs contain 1% of toxic substance in traditional cigarettes. And the nicotine content is 50% to 70% of the traditional cigarettes. An e cig compare with a Marlboro cigarette, the e cig contain 0.93% formaldehyde, 0.04% acetaldehyde, 0.43% acrolein. The author MurrayLaugesen said the e cig has effect on stopping smoking for it contain some nicotine, and this investigation intention is help people geting out from fear of electronic cigarettes without cause any more.

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Now smokers only can buy nicotine contained e cigarettes from internet overseas, and it is still illegal to sale e cigarettes on market, there are some experts suggest changing the electronic cigarette law and this is not good for people who want to quit smoking. On 25th may, 9 researchers from Otago University and Auckland have published articles in public health expert blog, and listed a series potential hazard on forbidding electronic cigarettes, and they suggest allow to sale this product.

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They suggest just allow pharmacy to sale this product, and a prescription is necessary. A stricter suggestion in the end is formulate Pharmac Company the national drug buyer to be the sole supplier, strengthen the enforcement of Smoking Ban at the same time, and censure the retailers who sale e cigs to teenagers.

Professor Glover said the Maori is in disadvantage condition, due to the e cigs only from online shops overseas. So you need a credit limit, a computer, and know how to shop online. But this is disadvantage for most of the people without a computer. And he thinks it is too strict forbid sale e cigs and it is a shortsighted policy. And appeal the government accept e cigarette as a healthier smoking to Maoris.

Professor Glover said people keep away from e cigarettes for the wrong information, but it can help lots of people in fact.

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