King Pro 1


King Pro 1

E-cigarette: D9.3mm * L111mm
Cartomizer size: D9.3mm * L43mm
E-liquid volume: 0.9mL
Resistance: 1.8Ω
Battery size: D9.3mm * L68mm
Capacity: 180mah
Life: ≤ 500
Charging time: ≤ 40 minutes

1pc Battery
2pc Clearomizer
1pc USB Charger

Pre-filled Cartomizer is cotton free with transparent tube, applied with new generation heating technology, King Pro offers high purity vapor by ceramic wick. By adopting high-rate discharge battery, makes huge clouds, fast charge technology allow you to vapor any time and anywhere. All those features will enable you to have an different vaping experience.

1. Prefilled cartomizer, convenient to use.
2. Without cotton, bring you healthier life.
3. Transparent cartomizer give you clear view of E-liquid .
4. Huge clouds: You can enjoy ego vapor experience with Kingpro1
5. Quick Charge: New fast charge technology, higher discharging also charges faster 
6. Applied with ceramic heating coil will provides high purity vapor
7. Prefilled atomizer without cotton bring you healthier life

Note: If the battery LED light flashes 10 times, this indicates the battery needs recharging .
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