Pro VV


Pro VV

E-cigarette: Φ16*L145mm, Φ16*L160mm
Clearomizer Capacity: 1.8ml
Battery Capacity 1: 650mAh, 700 puffs
Battery Capacity 2: 900mAh, 900 puffs
Charging time: 1.5-2.5 hrs 
Packaging: Blister card
Certifications: CE,RoHS

1pc Battery
1pc Clearomizer
1pc USB Charger

Variable Voltage (LED Voltage Indicator)
PRO VV is our brand new Variable Voltage E-cigarette from ISMKTM. It offers you 3 different levels of voltage to choose from to achieve your desirable throat hit and vapor intensity. Its BCC (Bottom Coil Changeable) MT3 clearomizer features invisible wick design and clear windows to view the amount of e-liquid remained within. The battery has a metal switch button for better control on your e-cigarette and an LED voltage level indicator around the switch button. PRO VV provides all the essentials you need to enjoy your life smoke-free.

1. Hold MT3 clearomizer upside down and screw off the metal base.
2. Carefully drip e-liquid down along the inside wall of the tank.
3. Screw on the metal base and connect clearomizer with the battery.
4. Press the switch button 5 times continuously within 2 seconds to unlock/lock PRO VV. In the unlock status, press and hold the switch button when inhaling.
5. Voltage level adjustment: Each time you press the push button at the bottom once, the LED Voltage indicator around the switch button glows Red (Low), Green (Medium) or Blue (High) indicating the current voltage level.
6.Screw the battery into the USB charger for charging. The LED glows Red while charging and turns Green when fully charged. Charging time is less than 3 hours.

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