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2014 Electronic Cigarette Market Prediction

2013 is a gold rush year for electronic cigarette industry. The E-cig market grows in a big bomb. Now 2013 is coming to the end, 2014 will be a crucial year for e-cigarette manufacturers since new regulations applying to e-cigs in the US, the EU and elsewhere in late 2013. The impact of these legislation cannot be overestimated. Here are some predictions of vaporing cigarettes for 2014.

1) More focus on the brand. Smokers will begin to focus more on the quality of the e-cigarettes since they know more about E-cigarettes. Most people will choose reliable brand to buy electronic cigarette . So build a reliable brand may be the top challenge for most e-cigs manufacturers and vendors.

2) Better and better starter kits. Fill and go kits that provide an outstanding, hassle free, and consistent vapor experience for the beginning vaper allowing them to make the switch far easier and with less frustration than in the past.

3) Long-lasting and safer devices. There will be a wave of devices that address the sub-ohm community, providing more power, regulated and stable power, and the ability to provide that power to lower resistance and multiple coil builds while doing it safely.

4) More innovative look and more close to pure taste. Unique shape such as electronic cigar will be designed to satisfy the customers. E-liquid flavors will also be developed to enhance the vaping experience.