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  • Corporate Welfare:
    Working Hour: Five days a week for eight hours a day, working 40 hours a week .
    Salary Benefit: negotiable (base wage+ monthly merit pay+ annual merit pay+ Annual salary adjustment)
    Employee benefit: Annual vacation (induction when can enjoy annual leave with salary, length of service with 1 year plus 1 years vacation) which is superior to the labor law system.
    In accordance with the regulations of the state, buy social insurance and housing accumulation fund for employees (industrial injury insurance, medical insurance, endowment insurance, birth insurance, unemployment insurance, housing);
  • Training benefit:
    Firstunion has perfect training system, such as set up " Fisrtunion College", organize regular internal and external training, have a special English training course (Elementary/Secondary/Oral English training classes);
    Adjust Registered Permanent Residence
    Help the qualified employees register permanent residence in Shenzhen and transfer related files formalities.
    Lodging Benefit:
    Arrange free accommodation with 24-hour air conditioning, hot water and internet, etc for employees.
    Shuttle Bus Benefit:
    Provide employees with free bus (on and off work) which reaches Xixiang, Nanshan, Nantou, Longhua North Station, etc.
  • Job Title
    Work Place