The R&D Center is the driving force and creativity resource of FU Group, which helps FU to keep
its technology and product advantages in the industry since 2004.
  • Excellent Engineers
    More than 150 Engineers in the R&D Center, 80% of them hold Bachelor Degrees and above. Some of the Senior and Middle Management Leaders are from Fortune 500 companies.
  • Quality
    Equipped with industry-leading test and lab equipments,multi-kinds of research and design platforms. Firstunion attaches great importance to product development and innovation, upgrading existing products in the same time, invests 10%of annual profit in R&D, in order to meet the different demand of the consumers.
  • Customized MFG Area
    Our engineers engaged into hundreds of product development and technological breakthrough projects every year. Pioneer in e-cigarette field with a more than 400 domestic and international Patent rights and design models that lead market.